Three Advantages to Natural Latex

If you’re considering a mattress upgrade, then a memory foam bed seems to be the clear choice these days over spring beds. They tend to provide better back, neck and shoulder support, and they don’t wear as quickly. That said, even with memory foam there can be improvements. That’s where natural latex comes in, and there are three distinct reasons why consumers might want to consider them over the usual fair.

No Chemicals

A natural latex mattress doesn’t need chemicals to retard fires, because the material is naturally resistant to fire. Those chemicals can cause respiratory problems in some cases, so natural latex tends to lead to healthier breathing. That can affect your energy levels throughout the day, and your sleep cycle at night.

Longer Lasting

A natural latex mattress topper also lasts longer than either the spring or synthetic memory foam counterpart. You can expect to get years out of a mattress, or mattress topper, made of natural latex. It absorbs body weight well, won’t tear and reforms its shape fairly quickly after you’ve left the bed.

Extra Comfort

Natural latex is just as comfortable as memory foam, providing equal support to all of the key areas of your body that need alignment while you sleep. The bed conforms to your shape, and doesn’t allow for a transfer of much movement across the surface.

Natural latex isn’t much more costly than the synthetic stuff in most cases. If you’re working within the same price range, why not look for the superior choice? The best part is that natural latex is available in a variety of thicknesses, so you get the rest you need.

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