Breaking Down Two Common Interior Design Styles

Summary: Interior design means nothing if you don’t understand the terminology associated with it.

One of the most significant challenges that you’ll go on to face while choosing a style that’s right for your home is having to pick just one (or a combination of different designs) to work with. With an abundance of unique styles, it can be quite the task to figure out which one will work best for you – you also have those that enjoy combining a variety of different styles to create an ideal look.

The best solution to countering this is to understand how each style differs from one another.

Modern Style

The modern style is a somewhat broad term when it comes to interior design. However, it typically refers to a home that’s filled with clean lines and a simple color palette. The materials often used are metal, steel, and glass. The goal of modern design is to create a visually simplistic appearance in every element – even with custom foam cushions. The sleek nature of the modern style has popularized it over the last decade and the fact that it involves a spacious and clutter-free appearance makes it a fantastic option for any homeowner.

Industrial Style

The industrial style draws inspiration from urban or warehouse settings. With an unfinished rawness, this design incorporates everything from wood, exposed brick, and other aspects that you’d see in an industrial building. When combined with the appropriate furniture pieces like a metallic sofa filled with custom cushions from The Foam Factory for example, you can transform your home into a rugged work of art.