Dreamboat: Decorating Teak Bedroom Furniture, Part 1

Decorate1Whether you got it secondhand or you are planning a significant purchase, a new teak bedframe will bring your bedroom to the next level. Teak is native to Thailand, in the tropics of Asia, so many opt for tropical bedding; however, teak excels in many styles. With these pointers you’ll be decorating like a pro in no time, so enjoy the first of this three-part series on teak bedroom décor.

Tropical Heat

When choosing a color scheme, base your palette off of the dominant tone of your individual piece. Teak can come in a variety of colors, so think about what you want to emphasize in your bedroom. Tropical bed sets usually have many clashing colors which used to make choosing feel more like guessing. Consider getting a few color swatches that match your teak and bring them with you when you go shopping. Knowing what you want in advance equips you to make confident decisions.

Minimalist Monochrome

Some of you may be looking for comforter sets with a minimalist vibe. Monochrome is the essence of minimalism, so plan for solids. For light contrast, focus on a midtone and choose two shades lighter, one shade darker, and one off-white. Warmer grays, like taupe, and light-yellow tones like buff complement teak perfectly.

Modern Monochrome

For high contrast, look at the darkest dominant tone and choose four lighter shades. This works very well with modern bedding. Dark colors need stark contrast, so pair with antique white or champagne for balance. However, never use a stark white as it will water down all other tones.