The Value of Natural Latex Mattresses Explained

capturing-natural-latex-from-treeA natural latex mattress is a bit more expensive than a memory foam bed, but they can be worth the costs. Because of its properties, natural latex is resistant to fire, which carries other benefits related to a healthier night of sleep. Read on to see why natural latex is fast becoming a popular alternative to the memory foam bed.

Health Benefits

A memory foam bed is typically treated with chemicals to help improve its resistance to fire. If your home did catch fire, that mattress might go up in smoke before you have time to react. Natural latex is naturally resistant to fire, so it doesn’t need those chemicals to improve that ability.

It turns out that some of those chemicals can be harmful to your respiratory system, especially if you already suffer from asthma or have trouble breathing. It might make snoring worse, or cut off some of the oxygen to your brain while you sleep, causing you to wake up momentarily. Added up over time, you’ll lose hours of sleep and feel drained nearly all of the time.

Even a natural latex mattress topper will help you to breathe better and rest easier over time. Toppers also provide additional comfort, and are sold at different densities. If you go for a firm mattress with a soft mattress topper, you get the best of support and comfort combined.

Is natural latex objectively better than memory foam? Not necessarily, but it does provide better health benefits to you and your family. If you have young children, or care for the elderly, natural latex can be a huge benefit for their sleeping habits.

Foam Factory Inc. ships natural foam mattresses, pillows and toppers from its manufacturing facility in Southeast Michigan.