How to make the most of your wicker furniture


Written by Wicker Paradise

Wicker furniture can be warm and inviting. However, if neglected or matched with the wrong colour palette, it can look dated. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your indoor wicker furniture.

Match it with white – White is a good base for any indoor space. You could buy a fresh set of patio furniture replacement cushions in white or beige. If maintaining white cushioning is difficult, choose to change the color of your wicker, by painting it white. In this case choose brown or tan colored replacement cushions.

Blue and white – Blue and white striped cushioning, gives a very relaxed beachy feel. You could opt for thinner or thicker stripes depending on your preference.

Mix your wicker with iron – If your have a few indoor wicker furniture pieces lying around, mix them with your wrought iron patio furniture. Just make sure you maintain the same color palette throughout all the pieces.

Add wicker to your bedroom – Wicker can be a welcoming addition in the bedroom. Add it as a chest of drawers or as bedside tables.

Floral – Add florals that are intricate and subtle, to add interest but keeping the space simple and not too busy. Choose prints with more white and beige with dull gold or navy designs.

Vintage wicker – For vintage wicker it is best to add a base color with different textured throw pillows. A light green is a good base with striped throw pillows in similar shades.


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