Maintenance and care for Seagrass furniture

wickerparadise1Written by Wicker Paradise

Seagrass grows on the continental shelves of the sea coasts all around the world. The dried reeds are used to make some of the most attractive wicker-type furniture. This furniture, given the proper maintenance and care, will last for years. Its popularity is due to the tough, shiny and smooth texture. It is resistant to stains and is actually quite easy to maintain. Here are some tips on maintain

Although from the sea, Seagrass furniture does not react well to extended periods of moisture. Continuous exposure to heavy rain or moisture can result in rot. The furniture should be dried if exposed to rain or water for the purpose of cleaning.

Daily cleaning should be done with a dry cloth and should follow the pattern of the reeds. Wipe with the flow of the reeds rather than against it. A soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner will also work.

Seagrass does not have the structural strength of wood or metal so avoid standing or kneeling on it. Always use it for sitting only. Use cushions for outdoor furniture to provide further protection from direct weight.

Avoid using rubber studs or shoes for the feet of the furniture. Any moisture that gets trapped will most definitely lead to rotting.

If and when liquid does spill, wipe immediately with a dry paper towel. In addition, make sure to place the furniture in a well-ventilated area.


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