Dreamboat: Decorating Teak Bedroom Furniture, Part 3

Article Written by : Landscape Garden Ideas

Teak is durable and well suited to large bedroom furniture. If you are looking at queen bedding sheets or larger, it is crucial to consider the size of the bed and the space it will occupy in your bedroom. Larger rooms are likely to require more than two colors, and offer more opportunities to play with trends. In the final part of this three-part series, we will be looking at complex color schemes and current interior design trends to help you complete your perfect bedroom.

Open and Warm

COLORS 1Three-color palettes are very fun to play with, and there are many options. For starters, consider adjacent trios such as teak, coral, and goldenrod. One Laura Ashley bedding pattern uses a repeating coral motif that would be a perfect linchpin for a warm, tropical-themed room. Mid- to light-shades of warm colors create warmth without the intimacy of rich reds and purples.

Embracing Complexity

If a fourth color is needed, consider using sea green or cerulean as a counterpoint. Saturated cool mid-tones on accent pillows or trim provide visual interest without competing with dominant colors. This can be extremely helpful when choosing between bed linens as many of them use three or more colors in different proportions.

Finishing Touches

To decorate the rest of your room, consider using some in-season trends to play off of your chosen sheets. Wallpaper has recently come back into style; create an accent wall behind a matching teak vanity using broad-leaf plant motifs in complementary sea greens. Also consider in-season colors like aubergine and blue-olive as complementary colors.