Dreamboat: Decorating Teak Bedroom Furniture, Part 2

Article written by : Synthetic Wicker and Rattan

DecorateTeak is guaranteed to survive for generations, especially indoors thanks to its tight grain. It’s that same longevity that makes decorating properly a necessity. The gravity of teak furniture takes a little bit of counterbalancing, and that will be our focus during this second part of our three-part series on teak furniture. We’ll look at some modern bedding in opposing colors and fun patterns to help you bring any room into perfect harmony.

Hot and Cold

In our last segment, we discussed two monochrome decorating options. However, many people do not want a bedroom dominated by neutrals. If you would like to brighten up and bring out the warmth in teak, look at luxury bedding sets that use several shades of a bright opposing color. Because teak often has a tawny yellow-brown undertone, shades between blue and green are likely to match your desired mood. Sea greens and teals, for example, can evoke the tropics and bring out the warmer tones in teak better than a typical nautical blue.


Not everyone is interested in minimalism or solid colors. Any of the color schemes we have already discussed could benefit from the addition of a variety of patterns. When decorating any kind of wood, take inspiration from the leaves and flowers of the tree it came from. Teak flowers are small and white, but they come in decadent overflowing bunches. Replicate this in your bedroom décor using florals with large patches of delicate detail separated by swaths of color. There are several Nicole Miller bedding dsigns that use these proportions.