Colors and Other Design Tips for the Modern Bedroom

Article Written by : Home Furniture Gallery

Modern decor follows the principle that form follows function, which means that the design of the room stems from its intended purpose. For example, a modern kitchen would feature designs to make cooking easier. Likewise, a modern bedroom would create a functional space for activities like sleep, reading, and clothing storage.

Modern Doesn’t Have to be Gray

One of the misconceptions regarding modern decor is that all the colors in a modern bedroom should be various shades of gray. However, a modern space doesn’t have to be completely neutral and dreary to adhere to the modern concept of style.

For example, a modern color scheme may feature warm tones of brown, beige, chocolate, and hazelnut. In keeping with the uncluttered theme of modern design, each color should take up a large portion of space. The wall might look best in a lush chocolate brown while the modern bedding will match in large color blocks of beige and cream.

Furniture Choices for a Modern Bedroom

It’s important to realize that “modern” doesn’t necessarily mean “contemporary.” A modern bedroom may actually feature clean lines and architectural themes that have been around for more than a century.

When choosing furniture to match modern bedding collections, an essential design tip is to make sure that no piece of furniture or decorative object overpowers any other piece in the room. Even if the color scheme chosen is bright and vivid, the color of the headboard, nightstands, chairs, and bureaus should mesh comfortably within the overall color scheme.

A modern bedroom should look functional yet feel comfortable. Furniture choices and decor should serve a purpose so as to reduce how busy or cluttered the room appears.