Cleaning upholstered furniture

Article Written by : Home And Gardens

Many of us get spots on our upholstered furniture. Over time these pieces also get soiled needing to do a good cleaning job. Unlike other furniture, upholstered furniture needs special care. Otherwise you can ruin a piece with a wrong kind of cleaners. Upholstered furniture comes with cleaning instructions but the jargon that the manufacturer use is hard to understand by a lay person. Let’s try to make sense of their recommendations and add our common sense solutions too.
cleaning sofa

You may see “W” “S” and “W-S” under cleaning labels that are attached to your upholstered furniture. When you see “W” use water based foam only cleaner or non-solvent upholstery shampoo. If the furniture carries “S,” make sure to use a mild, water free solvent or dry cleaning product. Those with label “W-S” you can use either solutions.

Cleaning spots may require using the right kind of solution, but cleaning soiled upholstered furniture should leave up to professionals. Wrong kind of cleaning solution can ruin your furniture and professionals do know not only how to clean them but also to use the right kind of solution. Many pieces are made of variety of fibers and use various dyes and finishes. Professionals can easily recognize these and use the right product to clean them.